Bred From a Foundation of Winners

Our birds are pedigreed from the following 2 foundation cocks of ONYX and YME. The resulting look and color patterns of the genetic characteristics of ONYX and YME are consistent in their young.

Onyx Pigion


• The Black Diamond ONYX foundation cock (85-NL-85574217) has a record of being number ONE in Holland competing with 4000 and having 10 - First Place wins against 900 Lofts.

• ONYX: Sire (200-BELG-1520805) and Dam (96-BELG-6103246) are Belgium winners.

• ONYX is 50% Jan Aarden and 25% Jenssen.

• Jan Aarden birds are noted for their long-distance stamina.

• Jenssen birds are short and middle distance flyers with a predominant Pearl eye and are one of the most desired in the world.

YME Pigeon


• This Black Diamond Cock is a superior racing cock from Peter Van Der Merwe of Holland. Yme won first with over 6400 birds and second verses over 2800.

• YME is the foundation cock out of Peter V.D. Merwe of Holland. He is a cross of Van Loon and Tournier. YME has many outstanding wins such as First 479 club, 2828, combine. First 575 club, 6424 combine. Fifth 657 club 5626, combine.

Pedigree from CBS

Pedigree from cbs

Sample Pedigree